Why Do You Need Seamless Integration With ATS?

According to CIO research, 40% of recruiters use ATS to screen applicants. These systems forward the most appropriate resumes to employers. This process saves the employer’s time to a great extent. Also, it provides seamless ATS job board integration. 

What Does A Seamless Integration Mean?

The addition of a new application, routine, or device that works seamlessly with the existing system is referred to as seamless integration. It implies that the new feature or program can be easily installed and used. Also, there is no user interference. End-to-end jobs are directly fetched from the ATS. 

If a person applies on a staffing website, the job application will directly go to the ATS. This convenience makes the ATS job board integration seamless. ATS goes through the resumes and finds the matching words for the job description for shortlisting the resumes.

Ultimately it shortlists the resume if it finds the matching words—applicant tracking systems sort applications based on keywords, skills, work experience, and other factors. Most systems use resume optimization techniques to accomplish this.

Most ATSs provide the features of Job Posting, Email Marketing, Resume Parsing, and Candidate Tracking. Almost all of the system searches for the exact matching words. But many systems also shortlist resumes with synonyms for the job description words. 

It also provides tools for posting jobs, collecting and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and finally making an offer. As a result, shortlisting candidates is based on the words they used in their resume rather than the information it contains.

When choosing an Applicant Tracking System for your company, you should consider the organization’s size, user-friendliness, reporting capabilities, and system flexibility. Hence, the ATS job board provides open API and seamless integration. 

Why Is Seamless ATS Job Board Integration Important?

If you have a staffing or recruitment website, then seamless integration of the ats job board will help you. Let’s discuss a few benefits of having an ATS job board integration. 


Reduction in HR time costs

Administrative tasks are an unavoidable part of the Human Resources profession. But there’s no reason to do any more of this tedious work than is necessary. As a result, integrating ATS and onboarding allows Recruiting and HR administration to move candidates through the pipeline quickly. Employers can set up workflows to improve communication without a flood of emails or phone calls between employees or departments.

Faster Onboarding Time 

Unfortunately, every new hire must provide all of the same information that their employer obtained on the application. Unless the candidate’s information has changed, there is no reason for them to enter it again after being hired. An integrated system, in particular, can automatically populate identical fields from the application to the new hire forms. It saves time and reduces frustration.

No Missed Staffing Steps

Employers who use applicant tracking as part of a holistic approach to hiring can design the process so that the employee does not miss any steps. The hiring manager can quickly determine whether a new hire has completed all of the required pre-hire steps. If the employee overlooks anything, the employer can address it right away. One of the most significant advantages of a seamless ATS integration is the absence of missed steps.

Deeper Actionable Insights

An applicant tracking system that permits you to see hiring trends and an onboarding process linked to this system assists the employer in analyzing how hiring decisions play out over time. It could be critical information that allows you to target these underserved populations with more job opportunities. Hence, it is one of the benefits of a seamless ATS job board integration.

Fewer Bottlenecks

Finally, one of the most common problems with having disconnected systems is manual processes as part of the workflow. It inevitably leads to errors and delays. ATS integration allows for a continuous flow of information without rekeying data between systems.

How Does An ATS Integrate With Recruitment Websites?

Many marketing-savvy talent acquisition/recruiting leaders don’t want to rely on their ATS to generate job descriptions. They instead choose recruitment marketing and employer branding platforms to market their job pages.

In such instances, an employer branding platform will integrate with an employer’s ATS through multiple “integration points” provided by the ATS’s API or by a web fetch. This ATS integration process allows an employer to continue to use their ATS as their applicant database of record.

Yet they have effective job pages through which to market their jobs. The majority of job boards (Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, etc.) have partnerships with ATS software providers so that the job boards can display the job descriptions from employers using those ATSs.

Integration With The Topmost ATS

WP Job Search provides ats job board integration with the most popular Bullhorn, Oracle Taleo, etc. These applicant tracking systems help a staffing website pull out the jobs easily. The content automatically enters the dashboard if a candidate applies on the website. 

Integration with Bullhorn or any other ATS provides seamless Gmail and Outlook integration. It allows you to handle your email inbox directly from Bullhorn. From candidate emails, quickly scan resumes, add notes, and set new tasks and appointments. 


ATS job board integration increases the productivity of your HR department and includes a learning curve for your employees. You should consider your future needs when implementing them with your current requirements.

WP Job Search helps you integrate your WordPress Staffing website with the most popular ATS. This integration will help you instantly. If you are looking to either upgrade your current system or try to find a solution that works for you, we can guide you. Book a free consultation with our experts.

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