Why do you need a Job Board Plugin?

Job boards can offer employment opportunities across various sectors, while others are industry-specific—for example, Sports, Healthcare, Entertainment, Restaurants, and Government sectors with industry-specific job boards. 

To help streamline the application process, some job boards use applicant tracking systems. Individual job postings direct interested candidates to company websites where they can apply.


What do you mean by a job board?

A job board represents a website where employers can post job openings and job seekers apply for them. Job seekers can find new job openings in their specific field or profession using a job board.

With the help of a WordPress job board plugin, users can track job trends, research salaries, and generate personalized resumes. It also offers candidates a wide range of educational experience, from high school diplomas to graduate degrees. 


Benefits of using job boards


Job boards can help recruiters –

Hiring managers use job boards to attract and find new talent. That’s why Job boards are well-known tools for job advertising. Because job seekers have been using job boards for years, these sites provide employers with access to millions of qualified candidates. 

The majority of job boards are candidate-focused and easy to use. They make it possible for applicants to complete the process quickly by utilizing simple tabs and buttons. Nowadays, many job boards are integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems, which have improved candidate experience.  


Job boards provide resume databases –

Candidates can sign up on job boards and upload their resumes. This way, recruiters can actively search for potential employees, setting the proper criteria and contacting high-potential professionals. 

It is a benefit because some great candidates aren’t currently looking for a job, so that they won’t see your job ad, but with the resume database, you can proactively reach out to a good candidate.


Job boards help with employer branding –

Many job boards, such as LinkedIn, allow employers to craft their company page on the website. Companies can showcase their vision and culture and attract the best candidates with proper storytelling. 

A good employer brand can drive traffic from job sites, increasing the number and quality of new hires. Your brand description will also help you develop trust and confidence among the candidates applying with you. 


What is a WordPress plugin? 

A WordPress plugin is a software part that “plugs into” your WordPress installation. You can use plugins to add new functionality or extend existing functionality, allowing you to build almost any type of website. Plugins can make minor changes to your site or significant transformations depending on their features.

You could, for example, use a plugin to add a WhatsApp share button to your site or build a fully multilingual site. Alternatively, if you own an eCommerce site, you could install a plugin to help with payment gateways. Either you can use plugins to allow visitors to book appointments online.

While many plugins make changes to the front end of your site, some plugins make changes on the back end. It simplifies website maintenance for your team. These plugins may enable you to scan your site for broken links or put it into maintenance mode.


How does a WordPress job board plugin work?

A WordPress job board plugin allows you to add or extend the functionality of your WordPress site without having to modify the core WordPress files. 

Plugins “hook into” the source code using access points provided by the WordPress Plugin API called filter and action hooks. These access points and methods will call the plugin’s functions at specific times and alter WordPress’s default behavior.


Why is WordPress preferred for creating a job board? 

Using WordPress to create a job board is easier than you might think. Whether you want to create a job board from scratch, you can get it quickly or use a job board plugin to make the recruitment process more accessible. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. 

Its open-source code base means plugins and themes are being developed for niche ideas and concepts every day. If you have a well-established website with a decent following, you should think about developing a WordPress job board plugin for various reasons. These are some examples:


  • Adding new revenue: With a few simple add-ons, you can charge individuals and businesses a fee to post and search your job listings.
  • Obtaining new subscribers: You can entice people to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list by offering free postings on your job board.
  • The administration made simple: Another reason is its user-friendly administration interface. It’s a fantastic platform for developing dynamic elements.
  • Budget-friendly interface: You can get up and running for very little investment and easily add functionality to monetize your new board. 


How to make a job board with WordPress?

Choosing which path to take when making a job board with WordPress will be influenced by your experience level. If you enjoy writing code and have plenty of time to keep your listings up to date, you should consider building your job board with the easiest coding language, i.e., HTML.

Another option is to use a particular feature of WordPress from many premium theme directories to find a job board-specific theme. A job board theme will usually include specific page layouts and enhanced search options.

If you’ve already decided on a WordPress theme, you might want to consider a plugin like WP Job Search. This plugin adds advanced job board functionality to your site. It’s also compatible with any theme.


Create your own WordPress job board in 4 easy steps

It only takes a few minutes to set up your WordPress job board. You need to select a web host and install WordPress first, and the rest of the process can be done with plugins.


Step 1: Create Your WordPress Site

You have to sign up for a WordPress host account. You must choose a domain name and check to see if it is available. Depending on the host you select, your plan may include this. The WordPress platform can then be downloaded and uploaded to your host.


Step 2: Install The WP Job Search Plugin

In the administration dashboard, go to the Plugins menu. You can use Add New to search the plugin directory for the WP Job Search plugin. After finding the plugin, click the Install Now button. When the plugin is finished installing, an Activate button will appear.


Step 3: Customize The Plugin Settings

After activating the plugin, you’ll be prompted to use the WP Job Search Setup Wizard. When you click Run Setup Wizard, you’ll be asked whether you want to share your data with the plugin’s developer. 

You can also configure the plugin manually. When configuring these options, click Create Selected Pages to finish the setup process. You can now begin adding job listings to your website.


Step 4: Create A Job Posting

It’s now time to use your new WP Job Search dashboard to post a job listing. To do so, go to the Job Listings tab and click the Add New button. You will have a section where you can enter the job title and a brief description. 

You’ll find several field options below the editor where you can fill in details about your job listing. It includes options for your business’ name, Twitter handle, company information, location, and even a video. 


Best Job Board Plugins 


WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a well-designed job plugin on WordPress that uses shortcodes to simplify things. The plugin includes a WordPress-style dashboard for listing management and simple tools for editing, deleting, and controlling listings and applications. 

The plugin also provides user filters, an application submission form, and the ability to style everything to match your theme. It helps to have an understanding of CSS for styling.


Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is a complete job board plugin for WordPress. It allows you to list jobs, display them on your website using shortcodes, add an application form, and process each stage of that initial job application. 

To keep things familiar, it uses the WordPress dashboard for listings. It accepts user-submitted job postings and allows filtering by location, job type, attachments, email verification, and replies. It’s an excellent choice for creating a functional job board.



FreelanceEngine is a complete WordPress theme that includes job board elements to help you quickly build your freelance jobs website. This theme can assist you if you want to be a better version of Upwork or Fiverr.

 The package includes a freelance marketplace-specific theme and the forms and layouts required to launch a fully functional site. It also has built-in support for multiple payment gateways.



WPJobBoard is yet another all-in-one WordPress job board plugin that handles all aspects of running a job board. The plugin has a theme, front-end dashboards for employers and applicants.

It also has a listing section, a payment gateway, a drag & drop editor, and everything you need to build a jobs website. It uses the WordPress dashboard to manage listings and has clear outlines to show you exactly what’s going on.



WPJobSearch includes everything you need to get started with your job board. It’s a deceptively simple-looking plugin with forms for listing vacancies, application forms, user administration, and more. 

It employs a clean design and shortcodes to keep things simple while still providing the functionality required to manage a job site. It has a simple dashboard with an employer and user section, a simple job listings section, and search and filtering capabilities.



How do you populate a job board?

A step-by-step guide to creating a job board

Step 1: Determine if launching a job board is right for your business. 

Step 2: Define your niche and objective.

Step 3: Select a job board software provider.

Step 4: Compile a list of high-quality job postings.

Step 5: Plan how you’ll promote your job board.


What are plugins on websites?

A plugin is software that acts as an add-on to a web browser, providing it with additional functionality. Plugins enable a web browser to display content that it was not designed to show.


How do job boards generate revenue?

Paid listings: You can ask for a one-time fee for each listing or a fee to have a job post displayed for a set period.

Subscription: A subscription enables employers to post job openings and applicants to view profiles and contact employers.


What is the purpose of plugins?

Plugins are programs that allow you to add functionality to your website. For example, if you want multiple candidates’ resumes on your site, you’ll need a WordPress job board plugin.

What role do plugins play in your browsing experience?

A plugin works differently, allowing websites to embed and render content using software such as Adobe®, Java®, QuickTime®, or Microsoft® Silverlight.

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