About WP Job Search: New Job Board Plugin

There are several plugins and themes available for online job board software. It can be a way to publish jobs for your own company or charge other companies to list their jobs on your website. 

WordPress is currently one of the most popular website builders in the market, powering more than 43% of all websites on the internet. You can use it to build almost any website, including a job board website.

You can create stunning application forms using drag and drop Application Form Builder, publish job ads, and manage received applications. Ultimately you can do wonders with the job board software. 

This article is about one such exclusive WordPress job board plugin – WP Job Search. We will explore the features of this plugin and let you know how this plugin will help you in simplifying your recruitment process. 


What is WP Job Search?

WP Job Search is an easy, lightweight plugin that adds a job board to your WordPress website. This plugin is extendible and easy to use. It helps you create a customized job board to manage various jobs via WordPress. 

  • You can add multiple job listings and show them on any page by inserting a shortcode. 
  • You can add various job features and customized application forms for every distinct job listing. 
  • You can also add notes to an application right from the dashboard.


Why WP Job Search?

WP Job Search is a comprehensive Job Search Plugin for WordPress. It creates a fully functional, integrated Staffing Website with sophisticated capabilities. This job board plugin includes job board software and integration with an applicant tracking system.

It also can manage job applications, candidates, customizable Job Searches, and Job pages. The filtering of candidates happens quickly and without page refreshes. Also, it works with a wide variety of filters.

WP Job Search seamlessly works with WordPress core without hampering the existing functionality. Developers can take advantage of the plugin’s many hooks for a high degree of customization. These features will help you utilize a job board efficiently. 


Advanced Features of WP Job Search

Integration with Popular ATS

WP Job Search has integrations with the most popular ATS like Bullhorn, TrackerRMS, SalesForce, Crelate, Avionte, etc. When data is created or updated in the ATS, the integration automatically feeds the data into the other system making it easily accessible. 

Multiple Job Templates to choose from 

WP Job Search includes a variety of templates for the job search and job details pages. Show off your consultant details on the job details page and get applications faster. You can easily modify these job board templates to meet your client’s needs.

Get Candidate Applications Directly to ATS

Our seamless integrations ensure that you get applications directly into your ATS linked with the job. WP Job Search makes the integration seamless. View Applicants’ list who applied for a particular job. Set job listing, job features, application form, filters, and email notification.

Advanced Filters for Job Search

Now, provide advanced filters to your candidates like Salary, Experience, Advanced Keyword Search, Location, Category, and many more. Add Job Type to any post by using a specified shortcode. Using the WordPress User Interface, you can add, categorize, and manage all jobs.

Subscribe to Job Alerts

With WP Job Search, your candidates can easily subscribe to job alerts for jobs and get alerts on their email, message, and WhatsApp. The plugin makes running a recruitment board just as easy. This feature is useful for candidates searching the jobs frequently. 

Apply with Facebook, Linkedin, Google, and other social networks

Now, social media integration is also simpler using this plugin. The candidates can directly apply through their social media platforms. Once a candidate applies through this job board software, it fetches all the essential details about that candidate right away from its linked social media account. It will help in reducing time and effort. 

Multilingual Support

With WP Job Search, your candidates can easily switch among the multiple languages offered on this job board software. This feature is useful for candidates all around the globe who only understand their regional languages.

Popular Plugins supported by WP Job Search

WP Job Search has built-in support for WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, WP CLI, etc. A few important plugins are –

  • WooCommerceEasily add filtering to your WooCommerce shop pages. WP Job Search supports product attributes and even variable products! 
  • Advanced Custom Fields – WP Job Search supports all the basic field types and advanced fields such as relationship and repeater fields!
  • Beaver BuilderWP Job Search works with a variety of Beaver Builder listing modules. You can visually create grid listings without coding knowledge.

How can Recruiters rely on WP Job Search’s efficiency and stability?

Are you running a small or medium size recruitment agency? Our Job Board software has everything you need, collecting resumes and managing jobs and applicants. It does not limit you to just a job board. It’s more than that. 

Recruiting agencies are taking advantage of WPJob Search, providing clients with a reliable, high-quality job board solution at a low cost. Fit it and forget it, because clients love it! WP Job Search provides a professional job board solution to your client at a fraction of the expected development time or cost.

We regularly update our plugin to work with any current or future WordPress theme. You can impress your client with an excellent job board in minutes, choosing any professionally designed theme. This plugin will make your life even easier by taking full advantage of the integrated application tracking systems.

All the recruitment agency needs are now available with all the power of WordPress! Easily customize your website while keeping power features such as applicant management and job alerts! You can bring quality visitors (and job candidates!) to your site during a running job board on the side.

Unlike some WordPress job board software that takes over your entire site, with WP Job Search, you still get to enjoy all of the WordPress features, plugins, and themes. Saving template files will only affect templates for your current theme, allowing your client to update the plugin later safely.


Summing Up

WP Job Search works with any of thousands of WordPress themes available. It also blends perfectly with WP “frameworks,” such as WooFramework, Genesis, Headway, or Thesis, meaning YOU decide your website’s look and feel.

Manage all job applications from the WordPress admin panel. All user data and submitted attachments are safely stored on your web server and available for you at any time. Reject or accept user applications to provide employers with the best candidates only.

Being first in your niche and profitable means being speedy and efficient, making WP Job Search your obvious choice for fast, customized deployment at minimal cost – via WordPress! Don’t wait to regret!! Join our Job search and witness the change. 

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