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WP Job Search creates a Fully Functional, Integrated Staffing Website with sophisticated capabilities, including a job board software, integration with applicant tracking system, and the ability to manage job applications, candidates, customizable Job Search and Job pages and more.

We support ATS integrations with all primary applicant tracking systems.
Recruiting teams must be able to move quickly and engage top talent in today’s competitive recruitment market. Integrating your systems is a critical step in streamlining your hiring process. A recruiter will have access to all required information about a candidate from application to review. Integrate your recruitment software with an applicant tracking system to streamline the hiring pipeline from candidate attraction to the final offer.



Why does Integration With ATS Matter?
The cornerstone of your recruiting operations is most likely your applicant tracking system (ATS) like Bullhorn, TrackerRMS and many more. It helps track and recruit candidates, but larger organizations have particular needs. They work with significantly bigger volumes and often have more comprehensive application management processes because they operate at scale. These tools aren’t designed to provide business recruiters with what they need to execute their jobs effectively. To cover the holes, recruiting teams are turning to automation.




How does ATS Integration Support Your Recruiting Efforts?
Improve Your Applicant Process
With a personalized and straightforward application experience that integrates with your applicant tracking system, you can attract a larger pool of qualified candidates and avoid costly drop-offs.
  • Simple to use forms

  • Personalized and automatic emails

  • Communication that is fully branded

  • Functionality tailored to mobile devices

Simplified Application Workflows
From hello to hire, personalize the candidate journey with focused engagements, actions, and workflows that save time and provide a memorable experience.

  • Workflows in applications

  • Templates for workflows

  • Activities that can be assigned

  • Evaluations and timetables


Keep a Close Eye on the Key Data 

Create a stronger pipeline of applicants by tailoring your application management approach, and then track those candidates in one place, with real-time information on their application status.

  • Visualizations of pipelines

  • Time-to-offer data

  • Metrics for conversion

  • Tracking of applicants and submissions


Embrace digital transformation through ATS integration with your apps and automate your workflows. 
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Benefits of ATS Integrations 


  • Using automated triggers and actions, automatically sync data between your website and ATS, keeping both systems up to date.

  • Recruiters will save time and energy by eliminating hours of manual data entry, while data visibility will improve.

  • Make your ATS more data-driven with an integrated solution that allows you to access crucial recruiting analytics.

  • Transfer data between your record system and your engagement system in real-time, assuring accuracy across the board.

  • You’re more likely to create experiences that delight applicants if your team reviews them faster and gives them feedback sooner.

  • The experiences of your recruiters and hiring managers will also improve. They will be able to devote more time to the strategic and meaningful work that they appreciate.


What Does Your Ideal Applicant Management Have?

  • Connect your applicant tracking system to an e-signature software to generate offer letters in seconds.

  • Sync your ATS with a file storage app to handle essential documents properly.

  • Improve your reviews by integrating your ATS with a business messaging platform.

  • Reduce time-to-hire by integrating your applicant tracking system with a background check app.

  • To commence the onboarding process, connect your ATS to your ITSM tool.

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