Hiring Made Easy Through ATS Job Board Integration With Facebook

The Applicant Tracking System makes it simple to integrate social media. The main advantage of implementing social media integrations into a company’s talent acquisition strategy is the possibility to extend a company’s audience for job openings and attract more applicants. Users may smoothly and automatically connect information about job ads with their corporate social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, using ATS job board integration. 

Any new job advertisements for the organization will be visible to followers of these social media sites. Applicants and job seekers can easily share any of the organization’s job listings with their networks through their social media accounts. In addition to effortless integration, our recruiting software even provides clients access to a Facebook jobs application that enables employers to embed current job listings within their corporate Facebook page automatically. 

It allows job seekers to browse and respond to job postings without leaving Facebook. Fewer clicks result in a higher conversion rate of applicants! When web pages and trends change by the minute, social media integrations are critical for mobilizing job posting campaigns and engaging and attracting individuals who might be a good fit for your company. Applicant tracking software by WPJobSearch utilizes an integration that automatically pushes newly-created job postings to Facebook.

Post Jobs Through ATS Job Board Integration For Getting Potential Candidates

You can post directly to Facebook through ATS job board integration with one click. Fill in a few minor details on the integrations settings page of your account, and that’s it. With that in place, every time you publish a new role, it automatically appears on Facebook’s dashboard. Any applications submitted through Facebook automatically feed into your WPJobSearch account, where you can view and track them. 

With its extensive, targeted reach, the Jobs on Facebook posted through ATS job board integration is ideal for high-volume hiring. Despite this, according to a 2017 Economic Impact Report, one out of every four persons in the United States used the site to look for or find work. Facebook Jobs connects businesses with an untapped, rich, and consistent pool of active and passive talent. 

It also allows businesses to connect with this talent directly from a comfortable and familiar location. It helps HR practitioners to focus on strategic human resource initiatives rather than manual updates. Assume you’re hiring in bulk for entry-level or customer-facing positions. In that situation, job boards remain the most cost-effective and efficient sourcing option, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce our integration with Jobs on Facebook.

Why Should You Be Recruiting On Facebook?

Jobs on Facebook are a game-changer for our existing employment board lineup. You may now post jobs on Facebook with one click, reaching up to 2 billion potential applicants on the world’s largest social network. When a company posts a new job position, it frequently advertises it on the ats job board. It is understandable because it is where all the active job seekers congregate. However, depending entirely on job boards means you’re overlooking “passive” talent.

People who aren’t actively looking for work but might be interested in the proper chances. Facebook began as a place where people could exchange images, status updates, and news with their friends. However, because everyone is on Facebook now, it is a prime marketing channel. Every single time. Recruiting on Facebook is similar to marketing in that you must get your job advertisement in front of the appropriate individuals at the right time.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Using Facebook To Recruit

1. A large candidate pool

Recruiting on Facebook is a great approach to reaching out to passive applicants. 79% of job seekers utilize social media in their job search as of 2018. Facebook also has 2.19 billion monthly and 1.3 billion daily active users. 

These figures are too large to ignore. Jobs on Facebook is a centralized job portal that takes advantage of Facebook’s massive and devoted social network. It makes it easier for businesses to reach and hire the right applicants by connecting companies to high volumes of potential employees who visit the site daily.

2. Inexpensive candidate sourcing

Another advantage of using Facebook to recruit is the low cost. On average, posting a job on a job board costs anything from $25 to $500. Posting a job update on Facebook using ATS job board integration, on the other hand, is entirely free. 

If your company has a great employer brand and a large Facebook following, simply putting a link to your job listing can reach all of your fans for free! In that situation, you can use Facebook Ads to target people who are likely to be interested in the position.

With the correct message and targeting, you may reach a large number of individuals for a minimal cost. Make sure to utilize Facebook comment moderation, though.

3. High employee referral rates

Using ATS job board integration to brand your organization and post job vacancies on your Facebook page makes it simple for team members to share these posts. If your company culture and employer brand are strong, employees are more likely to re-share your firm’s posts and use referral marketing for hire.

When you tag a team member in a post or a photo, your post will be seen by all of that person’s friends. Even if your employees don’t share your company posts with their friends, simply tagging them in a post increases the reach of your job posting.

4. Fast sourcing

The issue with merely publishing your job ad on job sites is that you essentially wait for candidates to apply passively. Within 1-2 weeks, you should have a sufficient number of prospects to pick from. In the worst-case scenario, it could take months for strong, qualified candidates to discover your job ad on job boards.

You’re in charge when it comes to Facebook recruiting. The faster you post jobs and run ads, the more likely you will find your ideal applicants. The process is equally as seamless and simple for candidates. Optimized for mobile, users can search and apply for jobs on-the-go, while they’re browsing the site.

Ready To Integrate?

It takes a few minutes to set up and use Facebook Jobs with WPJobSearch. All you need to do is offer a business address. If you have a Facebook Business Page, it’s also a good idea to include it, but it’s not required. Check out our ATS Job Board Integration Services for more information. Remember, we’re available to answer any questions or provide additional information whenever you require it.

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