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Comprehensive Job Search Plugin for WordPress
WP Job Search creates a Fully Functional, Integrated Staffing Website with sophisticated capabilities, including a job board software, integration with applicant tracking system, and the ability to manage job applications, candidates, customizable Job Search and Job pages and more.

You can find candidates in a variety of locations on the internet. The trick is to take advantage of your applicant tracking system (ATS) so that candidates from various sources can all be found in one location. We help you get all the candidate applications directly to ATS. 

A Fantastic Tool for Simplifying the Recruitment Process!

When a personal reference is added to a job application, the hiring process becomes more efficient. Our software lets you track all the employee referrals and identify the social quotient of employees in your organization. Its algorithm enables social media sharing to source the best talent and aligns with the referral bonuses.

Sourcing Made Simple with the Best Talent Acquisition Platform!

Candidate sourcing is an integral part of the talent acquisition process, and our technology makes it easier by extracting relevant information from résumés and CVs. With the help of a bulk upload mechanism, recruiters save a lot of time to source multiple profiles.

Bot For Better Experience!

Hiring can be so much happier with the bot. It keeps track of daily interviews, sends reminders to submit candidate feedback, fetches candidates’ résumés and CVs., understands your calendar, shoots reminders on rescheduled interviews, and more. It makes your hiring process more enjoyable!

An Extension Can Replace Manual Sourcing!

Forms will no longer be a nightmare for HR! Our platform eliminates the need for HR professionals to manually fill out forms or check through candidate profiles on LinkedIn. We have an extension that allows you to find prospects with a single click.

With Cloud ATS, Organized Hiring Brings Productive Resources!

Hiring is a sequential process, and we keep this process systematic and organized. It lets you organize a candidate database from all sources, provides tools to manage approvals & requisitions, effective resume parsing, a quick feedback/reminder mechanism, and more for happy hiring.

Key Features

  • Hand-picked jobs 

  • Early applicant advantage 

  • Exclusive access to confidential jobs

How Does It Work?

Your integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) provides powerful options for attracting and hiring qualified employees.

A simplified procedure An XML feed distributes a job listing prepared with an associated ATS to all visitors. Thanks to an integrated ATS, potential hires will always have the most up-to-date information about the position. More applications Job listings from our ATS partners are accessible for job seekers to apply to. Each listing allows potential candidates to quickly and efficiently populate their applications via Indeed Apply, our streamlined, mobile-optimized application tool.  Data-driven analytics You’ll be able to browse and track candidates and applications directly from your integrated ATS if your job advertisements include an Apply option. You can see what’s working and what isn’t using reliable source reporting.

Push job openings from your applicant tracking system to job boards! A job opportunity on your company’s website is the equivalent of having a quiet street business. To be successful, the correct individuals must be aware that it exists. The majority of people begin their job hunt on well-known internet job boards. Creating an opening in your applicant tracking solution will automatically be posted on your corporate website and your favorite job boards.

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