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WP Job Search creates a Fully Functional, Integrated Staffing Website with sophisticated capabilities, including a job board software, integration with applicant tracking system, and the ability to manage job applications, candidates, customizable Job Search and Job pages and more.

It is easy to find the best jobs in the shortest period with advanced filters. Advanced Filters The advanced filter is an efficient search tool that allows you to swiftly extract useful recruiting data. You can do intelligent searches based on the actions linked with the records using advanced filters. We provide several filters utilizing our plugin that can help you find only jobs you are interested in. Advanced filters help segregate data reducing time and effort while choosing the best job. 

Major Advanced Filters 

On our plugin, you can find some great filters that let you take control of your job search to never miss out on the jobs that are most relevant for you.

Distance Covered: You can choose a distance range within which you want to find a job. It could vary anywhere from 10 Kms to more than that. You can search for any geographic area nearby your town. 

Listed Date: the jobs posted 3 to 4 months back are sometimes of no use to you. You might only be interested in the most recent jobs. This filter lets you show only the most recent job ads. 

Job Type: There are different employment hours and conditions, such as full-time, part-time, freelance, or contract positions. 

Estimated Salary: The salary estimate filter is helpful if you have a good idea of the minimum annual or monthly salary you are willing to accept.

How to Use Advanced Search Options

A link on the homepage will lead you to the advanced job search page, where you can refine your search using criteria other than the keyword and location selections on the home page.

Depending on the site you’re using, advanced options offer a range of ways to narrow down your search and get a list of job vacancies that are more closely matched to your credentials and requirements.

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